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Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine

  • Model:citizon
  • Digital Micro process control Laser techonology.
  • Simpple easy efficient to operate.
  • High quality lenses from LEICA.
  • Inbuilt powerful cooling system.
  • Soft arm rest makes easy operation for long hours.
  • Large open chamber for all size of jewellery.
  • Easy to weld pins, scratch casting defects, recontruction of stone setting.
  • Induction brazing and soldering is a process using an induction heating source to heat the work piece and melt the braze filler alloy. A high frequency power supply and induction coil induces current flow with the work piece causing internal resistance heating. The molten braze alloy wets and flows across the heated work surface. Temperatures are normally high so that a metallurgical bond can be formed, but fusion of the work piece does not normally occur.


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