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GRS Magnablock gives you outstanding quality, strength, and convenience. Weighing 30 lbs. (13, 7kg), this extra-heavy block adds more stability to your work, especially when using power tools or chasing hammers.

Inside Magnablock are a massive ball and roller bearing system that always turns smoothly and prevents internal wear.

Magnablock includes the GRS rotational brake which lets you adjust the rotational resistance… from free to solidly locked. All surfaces are specially finished for low glare to reduce your eye strain. Magnablock jaws have replaceable threads, another GRS exclusive.


  • Block Weight: 30 lbs. (13,7kg)
  • Ball Diameter: 5.8′ (147mm)
  • Jaw Width: 3′ (76mm)
  • Jaw Height: 1.8′ (46mm)
  • Max. opening: 3.5′ (89mm)
  • Ship weight: 33 lbs. (15kg)


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