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This is a self aligning universal combined horizontal and vertical head machine. It is versatile yet simple to operate. It produces better work faster and more profitably. It is rigidly built for long life with interchangeable parts. This machine is equipped with an additional motor fixed to the main divider assembly with separate adjustable speed controller to control the rotational speed of the ring or bracelet under production. This machine is also equipped with special vertical head normally supplied only with our swiss type faceting machines, To cut the designs on all types of jewelleries namely bangle, ‘v’ & half round bangles, wedding ring, ring bands, pendent, chain, ball-beeds, ear tops, pipe. Can also be used for metal label, watch dials and all types of gift articles etc,


1) Heads = 1 Horizontal & 1 Vertical

2) Type of Main Centre = Fixed

3) Type of Head = Revolving

4) No. of axis 2 = (Z – Vertical & Z-1 Vertical for Depth)

5) Vertical Z axis = Movement Screw

6)Vertical Z-1 axis = for depth 5.5 mm

7) Horizontal Spindle Motor = 0.17 HP / 2800 RPM

8)Horizontal Spindle Speed = 5600 RPM

9) Vertical Spindle Motor = 0.17 HP / 2800 RPM

10)Vertical Spindle Speed = 6500 RPM 11) Shipping dimensions in inches = L 30 X W 30 X H 32

11) Net / Gross Weight (kgs.)= 200 / 230.


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