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This is a sturdy heavy motorized rolling mill for breaking down gold and silver. Most ideal for small as well as large size jewellery workshop and jewellery designing institutions.


  • Rollers are of high alloy steel, hardened and ground.
  • Special transmission  joints, transmit full power to the rollers when opening to maximum aperature at same torque.
  • Noiseless application of high accuracy.
  • Roller’s both end housed in bushing of gunmetal block to avoid dust particles and oil leakage. This unique feature is provided only in our rolling mills. It gives smooth friction-free long life to rollers.
  • Reduction gear operates immersed in an oil bah.
  • Roller (garedi) with round and half round / ‘V’ shape groove and also special designs on request.
  • Easy and quick  replacements of extra rollersa and side rollers(garedis).
  • Lubrication through centralized pressure system with manual lubricating pump.
  • Minimum floor space required.
  • 2 Speed 2/3 hp 3 phase (optional accessory) 131613-02-023
  • Auto Reversing System Switch (Emergency Reverse) AMRX7525C-05 to prevent any untoward incident.(Optional accessory only for three phase).
  • Way to way working with closed rollers, suitable for chain making industries (can be made on request).
  • Strip Width Adjustments Device (Optional Accessory) AMRX7525C-04 / AMRX7550C-04.


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