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  • Has 6 axis viz.’X’ THETA ‘Z’ ‘H’’W’ and ‘V’ for flat as well as half-round(D-Shape)bangles and weing bands.
  • Window base user friendly software that operates onpersonal computer.
  • Programmable 6 axis CNC controller with VCNC-4 V 1.2 for engraving, dulling and cutout of various design as well as side cutting with vertical and horizontal head respectively compatiable with corel draw for designing.
  • Variable spindle speed for horizontal and vertical.
  • Automatic zero search of all axis (homing)
  • Linear and circular programmable interpolation.
  • Horizontal 10 tools and vertical 10 tools programmable with variable depth and spindle speed.
  • Machine is totally operated on single phase power supply. No air conditioning requires.Machine works under normal room temperature.
  • All required axis are fitted with ball screws.
  • Facilitated with manual lubricating pump.
  • Indexing programme from 2 to 400 pump.
  • No special programming required for different diameters of bangle and ring.
  • Designing can be placed wherever needed on the width of work piece either circular or widthwise.
  • Effective “Auto Electro Brake System” which stops horizontal/vertical spindle instantly.
  • Machine is encased in a very attractive cabinet having true glass sliding doors to collect scrap and prevent outside dust.
  • Machine is provided with vaccum dust collector.
  • Special high speed precision spindle is supplied on request.
  • Incase of power failure, design can be continued from any point and complete machine is supported with UPS.
1 Number of Milling Heads Horizontal and Vertical
2 Type of Main Centre Universal
3 Number of Axis (3+2+3)









X-Longitude for Horizontal to Vertical

Y-Transverse for Main Centre

Z-Vertical for Depth


V-Vertical Spindle

v  X-1 Longitude for Centering Jobs 50mm
v  ϴ-Rotating for jobs


Index – 2 to 400 Division
v  W-Tilting Rotatimg Degree-30’- 0’-30’
v  Movement of ‘Y’ Axis from ‘0’ Setting 45 mm Forward and Backward Direction for Main Centre
4 Type of Optional Accessories for optimum Operation All Optional Accessories can be fitted for Flat Bangles and Bands.
5 Milling Spindle Speed Min. 800 rpm to Max. 5000rpm

Min. 1200 rpm to Max 7200 rpm

6 Milling Spindle Motor Three Phase 0.25 hp (0.18 kw)
7 Dimension (LXWXH) 1480 X74x1510 cms
8 Floor Space Requires (LXW) 1480 X 740 cms
9 Net Weight with Standard Accessories 505kg
10 Gross Weight with Standard Accessories 650 kg
11 Shipping Dimension with Standard Accessories (LXWXH) Box-1-75 X 86 X 125 cms

Box-2-120 X 135 X 190 cms


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