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Our Ball Rolling Dies are most commonly used for making numerous kinds of jewellery items. These are acknowledged in the market for providing optimality in a finish of the article. Moreover, these machines have simple structures and are easy to use. Our machines can carve mesmerizing designs and patterns. These are available in bronze and brass metals.Other Products in this Category.



  • Ball Guide Bushings for Lower Die Sets -Special Spring for LBBS-
  • Ball Cages for Die Sets -High Rigidity-
  • Stoppers for Ball Guides Movable Type
  • Stoppers for Ball Guides Fixed Type
  • Springs for Ball Guides
  • Rings for Preventing Cage Lifting -for Ball Guide-
  • Shanks for Die Sets

Model A22
Vertical three die cylindrical machine:

  • Standard and heavy dity models available(HD model was shown)
  • For general purpose or specific part applications
  • Ideal for aircraft materials
  • Optional computer controls and variable speed drive


Model A25
Horizontal three die cylindrical machine:

  • Thru-feed only
  • Designed to run continuous heavy loads
  • Ideal for bar lengths and studs on tough materials


Model A23
Horizontal three die cylindrical machine:

  • In-feed and thru-feed capability
  • For threaded rod with standard thread forms, acmes or ball forms
  • Ideal for rolling forms on tubing


  • Brand: Rounak
  • Usage: Office
  • Operation Mode: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set


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